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WE VALUE THE BIBLE:   We believe the Bible is the inspired
and inerrant Word of God.  It is the subject matter of our study,
the authority of our belief, and the standard of our conduct.

WE VALUE PEOPLE:  We believe that all people matter to God
and that we have a responsibility to love one another and seek
to help everyone we can to become a committed follower of
Jesus Christ.

WE VALUE GENUINE WORSHIP:  We believe that our Lord is
worth of our worship and praise.  Each week we seek to exalt
and honor the Savior, Jesus Christ, through dynamic music,
practical teaching, loving fellowship, fervent prayer, and
generous giving.

WE VALUE THE GOSPEL:  The gospel is the good news of
salvation.  We believe that there is salvation in no one but
Jesus Christ.  We believe that the message of the gospel
transforms lives and we are committed to sharing that
message with our community and our world.

WE VALUE SERVICE:   We believe that every Christian has
been gifted to render service for the advancement of the
Kingdom of Christ.

WE VALUE PRAYER:   We believe that nothing of lasting
significance is accomplished apart from the powerful result of

WE VALUE FAITH:  The Bible says that "without faith it is
impossible to please God." Faith is the foundation to all we
are and all we do as followers of Jesus.  We seek as a church
to be a place where faith blossoms, grows, and flourishes.

J o i n  u s  t h i s  S u n d a y  !
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